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Junior Manager Other Opex (Works)

Date: 09-May-2022

Location: Delhi, IN

Company: GMR Enterprises Pvt Ltd GMR Group


Assist on contractual issues, variations in the projects(s), Claims identification, monitoring and process. Coordinating with contractors. Monitor the status of variations, Claims and pending correspondence(s) and submitting the weekly report as part of projects review.

Assist on contractual issues, variations in the projects(s), Claims identification, monitoring and process. Coordinating with contractors.

Monitor the status of variations, Claims and pending correspondence(s) and submitting the ‘weekly report’ as part of projects review.


Business Development support:

Support the BD team and bidding team to collect the sub-contractors, supplier’s quotes and negotiate and finalize the most competitive rates within the agreed time lines.

Timely provision of competitive quotes for works / materials.

Special Projects / Initiative:

Involved in implementation of SAP & RIB in EPC and resolving the issues for the same.

Implementation of ERP Software


Pre award stage:

  • Highlighting any specific requirements for establishing possible claims, during construction which could be of significant commercial and/or time impact and construction methods etc.,
  • Highlighting any apparent deficiency in the Contract documents
  • Preparation of commercial implication(s) for proposed (By BD Team) deviations in the Tender conditions and issues connected to drafting of Counter offer for Tenders.
  • Submitting a Report to the BD/Tendering Team encompassing the above aspects

Within required time and cost

Post award stage:

  • Prepare a Document Control Register (DCR) in consultation with the Project heads and Coordinate with Consultants/Client and monitor timely replies to all contractual correspondence, intended notices to PMC/ Employer.
  • Prepare and maintain Subcon DCR from the date of receipt of Quotations, comparatives, Emails, contract documents as per Subcon DCR and control the documents.
  • Escalate any gaps in systems or processes either in Main Contract or Subcontract(s) and escalate the same at regular intervals.
  • Support and update standard Subdocuments in line with best industry practices
  • Review the designs and coordinate for approvals from stake holders
  • Maintain updated knowledge on changes to specifications
  • Responsible for development of the project Brief, Scope and Deliverables
  • Ensure that the material & shop drawing submittals are done as per schedule and follow up for approvals.
  • Recognize system deficiencies and suggest effective solutions.
  • Plan, organize and prioritize the work, seek confirmation of priorities when confronted with unusual situations, and report on the state of affairs.
  • Arrange closeout documentation for the handing over and final settlement with Employer and Sub-contractors.


Within required time and cost


•Internal and External stake holders including Project teams, PMC, HO resources including Legal, Taxation, Finance and Stores etc., apart from third party consultants wherever applicable.
•Interaction with Clients for Billing and receivables.
•Interaction with suppliers, sub-contractors for getting quotes to support BD team.


Interaction with Project team to finalize and award the sub-contract within Budgeted cost including certification of interim and final bills and for contract & vendor management.
Interaction with Finance Team for payment and issues related to bills.
Interaction with Design Team for BOQ and for issue of Service Orders and Bills Certification


•Handling of Claims Management activities for Project cost worth up to Rs.150 Crores



•Bachelor of Engineering in Civil


•8 to 12 years of overall experience, 5+ years of experience in Contracts & Claims.


  • Decision Making: Ability to systematically think through a problem and its component parts, garner relevant information and not taking things at face value. | Interview
  • Policy & Process Excellence
  • Contracts & Policy
  • Personal Effectiveness: Demonstrating responsibility & reliability through actions to manage critical and challenging situations. | Interview
  • Execution and Operational Excellence: Ability and desire to execute with attention to detail, speed, accuracy and consistency | Interview
  • Problem Solving: Ability to identify solutions exploring different options in gathered information. | Interview
  • Communication: Ability to listen, interpret, simplify complex concepts, thoughts & ideas in verbal / non verbal form. | Interview
  • Business Insight: Ability to understand the implications of Business decisions and strive to enhance organizational performance. | Interview
  • Managing Performance: Effectively monitors and measures performance. Develops people and drive results. | Interview
  • Team Leadership, Teamwork & Interpersonal Influence: Capability to develop & converge individual potential to execute team objectives. Effectively intermingle and relate with individuals in a positive manner. | Interview
  • Stakeholder Focus
  • Teamwork & Interpersonal influence
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Networking
  • Planning & Decision Making
  • Execution & Results
  • Strategic Orientation
  • Problem Solving & Analytical Thinking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Capability Building
  • Social Awareness
  • Innovation
  • Managing Change and ambiguity by creating Win-Win
  • Determination(Contextual and Flexible)
  • Learning Ability
  • Making & Navigating proposals
  • Scanning, Networking & External orientation