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Manager - ARFF

Date: 15-Mar-2021

Location: Delhi, Delhi, IN

Company: GMR Enterprises Pvt Ltd GMR Group


Position Title

Associate  Operations Commander- Fire station 5

Job Code


Job Description Author

Hrishikesan P/ P K Gera



Business / Function


Department / Sub Department



Associate Operations Commander

Job Responsibility Level





1st  Jul 2019

  • JOB PURPOSE (Briefly describe the general purpose of the position or its significance from the organization’s point of view and how it contributes to the overall mission/objective of the organization).
  1. He will be shift in-charge for fire station 5 independently for smooth operation of one runway and associated Twys in his jurisdiction.
  2. To implement & monitor the SOPs & contingency plans of the Rescue and Firefighting related emergencies on the runway and associated Twys in jurisdiction of FS 5.
  3. Maintain the declared Airport category as per Civil Aviation Requirement (DGCA CAR) at FS 5.
  4. Ensure timely response to all emergencies and protect the aircraft, passengers and other properties.
  5. Successfully implement the role of ARFF as per the airport emergency plan.
  6. Ensure the upkeep and serviceability of the appliance and equipment at fire station 5
  7. Ensure the safety of the staff as well as the appliances/equipment  during airport emergencies
  8. Coordinate with different departments during airport emergencies for the effective rescue and firefighting.
  9. Assurance of station discipline at FS 5.
  10. Ensure all compliances including training related to his team.
  11. Conduct routine training of the shift personnel as per the training program.
  12. Ensure periodical inspections of the appliances, equipment and update the same in the software.


  1. CHART

{Please complete the organization chart below using only the generic (e.g. VP) and descriptive (e.g. VP Finance) job titles.}


Associate Operations Commander

Head Operations & Training

Sub Commander
















KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES (List the responsibilities/duties associated with the job. For each responsibility/duty listed, give the factors on which an individual’s performance is judged).



Key Performance Indicators

Ensure that the Firefighting appliances, equipment and firefighting media are maintained as per the category of the airport at FS 5

No. of  unserviceable equipment & instances of reduced ARFF category

Ensure the minimum manning of shift personnel as per category at his fire station.

No. of instances shortage reported

Ensure the operational staffs have undergone all the mandatory training and their proficiency is at desired level

TNI v/s actuals

Ensure compliance to the annual schedule related to maintenance & inspection of fire appliances and equipment and the record is maintained.

No. of non-compliance during internal / external audits

Man  management & discipline

Employee engagement score, No. of structured meeting with team to resolve their grievance

Improve station working by initiating innovative methods

No. of  qualitative initiatives  implemented  and the savings/operational excellence activities

Responds to all aircraft related emergencies on the runway under his jurisdiction and ensure that the emergencies are handled in the best possible way, causality is minimum, and damage to property is negligible.

No. of emergencies attended v/s number of  lives & cost of property saved

To respond to all aircraft & other emergencies at airport in his area of jurisdiction and maintain the records

No. of observations reported during Airport emergency/ Accuracy of reports / MIS/ log book

Conduct daily station activities as per the schedule circulated, maintain the Physical fitness of the personnel by conducting Physical activities. Ensure that the team responds to all emergencies as per the lay down procedure and all passengers are saved during any aircraft accident.


Plan v/s actual & No. of  training sessions conducted

4. INTERACTIONS (Describe the job roles that you interact with inside or outside the company to enable you to meet your accountabilities)


External – Roles you need to interact with outside the organization to enable success in your day to day work

Internal - Roles you need to interact with inside the organization to enable success in your day to day work

CISF: For opening of gates during emergencies on priority

AOCC: For communicating all Airport related emergencies and daily ARFF status report

ATC: For communication during Airport emergencies and other operations related issues.

Air Side Operations: Coordination during Airport emergencies and other operations related issues.

Medical services: For quick response during emergencies and drills.

Terminal Operations: Coordination during Emergencies in Terminals.

DFS: For coordination and assistance during Airport emergencies

Landside Management: For the external emergency vehicles responding

Other stakeholders (GHA, Concessionaires, and Airlines etc):

Cargo Management: For smooth access for CFT during emergencies and providing MSDS of dangerous goods.

For coordination and assistance during Airport emergencies.

P&E: For utility support for fire station, Lighting arrangement at emergency sites.


(List the significant numerical data which will reflect the scope and scale of activities concerning this job).


Financial Dimensions

(These should be quantifiable numerical amounts like annual budgets, project costs, annual revenue, purchase value etc.).


Other Dimensions

(Indication of some of the significant volumes associated with the job like number in team/ staff handled etc.).

On average 20 personnel (approx.) in each shift.




(State the minimum acceptable proficiency for this job which best indicates the education and/or experience requirements of this job and not the incumbent).


Educational Qualifications


Minimum one of the following:


  • BE Fire/Fire& Safety
  • Graduate preferably with science from any recognized University

Technical/Professional Qualifications:


Departmental candidates(IJP):


  • FO/JET Course or equivalent from any Aviation academy.


External Candidates: Minimum one of the following:



  1. MI Fire IFE (UK) with Minimum 3 years’ experience as shift in-charge of fire station of any airport.
  2. Fire officer or equivalent course from any recognized aviation academy with minimum 3 years’ experience as shift in-charge.



Soft skills:


  1. Basic computer knowledge
  2. Good communication and presentation skills




Other requirements:


  1. Physically fit and meet the physical fitness as per DIAL ARFF Standard
  2. LMV license holder



Below 45 years