Executive- GTD

Date:  23 May 2024

Hyderabad, IN

Company:  GMR Hyderabad Intl Arprt


The PTC Executive will be responsible for managing the Operations, upkeep & maintenance of all the areas related PTC building and external areas including the staging area. The service provider team GT will report to him. He will be responsible for achieving the KPI’s/ KRA’s for the PTC areas. He will be responsible for enabling the achievement of the safe, efficient & pleasant Customer Experience during the transportation process at the RGI Airport by engaging with all the stakeholders, Service Partners and to ensure best in class services at PTC.  



He/ She will be working through the Service Provider / Vendors of Housekeeping, Pest Control, Cafeteria contractors, Security for ensuring the seamless operations, up keep and maintenance of the PTC Building and surrounding external areas.

Oversees commercial / retail zones for the upkeep and safety at the PTC. Ensure to the cleanliness of the retail/ tenant common areas at PTC.
Oversee the PTC areas for the safety and efficient traffic flow of both pedestrians and vehicles. Enforces tow and parking regulations by notifying primary agent and/or supervisor of potential citation in coordination with GTD/ RAXA Team. 
The Executive to conduct inspections of all PTC facilities, roads, and external areas.  Monitor access points, conduct periodic and random inspections in coordination with stakeholders, tenants, contractors. Notifies reporting manager of any unsafe conditions, violations and discrepancies
Monitors use of the PTC staging facility and restricted parking areas.  Recommends and/or relocates vehicles, by towing or other means, to ensure proper vehicle flow is maintained in coordination with RAXA. 
The Executive to conduct technical snag inspections of the PTC facilities and follow up on the closure of the snags. Will be responsible for the records of the raised tickets and closure records.

Required to be a first responder to PTC Area emergency situations and for all medical incidents. Will coordinate with all the cross functional departments and follow the laid down process
The PTC Executive is expected to fully understand the contract obligations of all the Service Providers / Vendors and will be responsible to record the performance of the vendors against the SLA’s / instructions given to the Service Provider
Shall monitor and ensure that the cafeteria vendors are adhering to the statutory requirements and food served is healthy and hygienic and the vendor is following the schedules of HK and pest control.
The PTC Executive shall lead, motivate and manage the performance of the team of Service Provider / Vendor staff so they are fully motivated and engaged to give the best Performance to meet the Dept. goals.
The PTC Executive will coordinate with the Security at the PTC and ensure that there is no misuse of the facility by any users and shall take up with the immediately on such issues as per the escalation matrix/ Process. 
Shall coordinate with the APRTC/TSRTC bus officials and ensure on the frequency of the buses as per the schedule.  
Monitor the PTC areas and to observe for any kind of drivers agitation, crowding, incidents and be vigilant. Ensure to report immediately to Estate Management/ GTD and RAXA staff on the situation. 
The PTC Executive shall be responsible to monitor CCTV and ensure its serviceability all the time.  
The PTC Executive shall be responsible to monitor the Shuttle Bus Services and its scheduled frequency. He will also be responsible to monitor the cleanliness and maintenance of the buses.  


Police, TSRTC, APRTC, 
Cab Agencies.
Retail Outlets. 
Canteen Operators


Non-Aero Commercial 






  • Execution & Results
  • Teamwork & Interpersonal influence
  • Problem Solving & Analytical Thinking
  • Planning & Decision Making
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Stakeholder Focus
  • Networking
  • Capability Building
  • Strategic Orientation
  • Social Awareness
  • Entrepreneurship