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Associate Manager BD Support

Date: 04-Aug-2022

Location: Delhi, IN

Company: GMR Enterprises Pvt Ltd GMR Group


To Support the Airport operations, by Procuring the required spares, consumables, services from reliable vendors at optimum cost to the company.

To execute Procurement and Contract activities for various CAPEX and OPEX requirements in the most competitive manner along with vendor and  contract management  in line with the procedures & policies applicable and as per the terms & conditions of the RFQ/contracts.



Accountabilities Key Performance Indicators
Continuous vendors intelligence and managing vendor data base.
Assist in building and maintaining the Vendor network to ensure that a good pool of credible vendors develop long term partnerships. This involves Scanning for Potential Vendors, Performance Feasibility and Quality Checks by User Departments, getting Market Feedback, Checking Vendor Registrations and Documentation as per ISI rules etc.
New Vendors
Cost Savings
Lead time
Ensure all purchase activities for Products, Materials, Equipment and /or Services under OPEX /CAPEX comply with Quality standard, Tax and Government policies. Compliance with all rules of the land along with conducting regular vendor audits to maintain the quality and timely delivery. 
Update self on latest tax rules and trade laws and ensure nil deviation.  Drive tax saving measures.
No deviation notices from authorities
Cost saving
Review PR & Understand the requirement for the procurement of materials, & works / Service. Ensuring procurement as per the procurement policy. 
Review scope documents including specifications and SLA’s for all service contracts.
Assist in drafting contracts/ agreements for large Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, finishes and structural Supply and /or work contracts.
Manage entire Bidding process including EOI, RFI, RFQ / RFP Process.
Negotiate and finalize the prices and contracts with all vendors to ensure that the procured product is of high quality, suitable price and fit as per company quality standards.
Use latest negotiation tools such as E bidding (reverse / forward auctions) methods.
Plan logistics and delivery of all equipment to airport site by the supplier or OEM. 
Procurement Cost 
Turn-around time as per SLA
No deviations.
Completion of project
Budget updating against actual expenditure and notifying the concerns team. 
Co-ordinate with finance and SAP team to ensure all PO/WO/ and agreements and ENFA approvals are on time

User teams/procurement completion within the approved budget.
Turn-around time as per SLA

Contract Management of all Agreements including communications with other party, assist HOD in dispute resolution mechanism, Change Management (Variations, additional time and cost) and timely  MIS to Management etc. for;
Draft and negotiate contracts/ agreements with the vendors ensure clearance from HOD and Legal. 
Monitor and ensure systematic document control mechanism
Minimum risk and Maximum Entitlement  
Document repository / archive
Interact and suggest methods to optimize cost /time during tender stage with Seniors/Users/bidders with a view to reduce time and costs, e.g: like SLA optimization etc., Optimization of cost and time
Coordinate/Support in coordinating Procurement team’s effort with user departments in consolidation of various requirements Process optimization and cost reduction
Support Vendor Development & Vendor Management including Vendor Evaluation on regular basis Number of New Vendors developed , Vendor Performance Evaluation & Feedback 



External - Roles  you need to interact with outside the organization to enable success in your day to day work
Contractors; Clarifications, Negotiations, Problem solving
Auditors; for compliance



Internal - Roles you need to interact with inside the organization to enable success in your day to day work
Client/ User departments in terms of understanding needs and priorities and developing business alignment with procurement processes.
Group Procurement function in terms of aligning to the overall procurement architecture, knowledge management across procurement units in the group in terms of best practice sharing
Finance, secretarial and other departments for PO release, budget, taxation and Compliance





Graduate + MBA, or Engineer 


5-8 years with experience in large-size infrastructure Organization.
Good working knowledge on SAP/e- procurement process


  • Execution and Operational Excellence: Ability and desire to execute with attention to detail, speed, accuracy and consistency | Interview
  • Team Leadership, Teamwork & Interpersonal Influence: Capability to develop & converge individual potential to execute team objectives. Effectively intermingle and relate with individuals in a positive manner. | Interview
  • Managing Performance: Effectively monitors and measures performance. Develops people and drive results. | Interview
  • Personal Effectiveness: Demonstrating responsibility & reliability through actions to manage critical and challenging situations. | Interview
  • Decision Making: Ability to systematically think through a problem and its component parts, garner relevant information and not taking things at face value. | Interview
  • Problem Solving: Ability to identify solutions exploring different options in gathered information. | Interview
  • Business Insight: Ability to understand the implications of Business decisions and strive to enhance organizational performance. | Interview
  • Communication: Ability to listen, interpret, simplify complex concepts, thoughts & ideas in verbal / non verbal form. | Interview
  • Stakeholder Focus
  • Networking
  • Execution & Results
  • Teamwork & Interpersonal influence
  • Problem Solving & Analytical Thinking
  • Planning & Decision Making
  • Capability Building
  • Strategic Orientation
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social Awareness
  • Innovation
  • Managing Change and ambiguity by creating Win-Win
  • Determination(Contextual and Flexible)
  • Learning Ability
  • Making & Navigating proposals
  • Scanning, Networking & External orientation
  • Category Management
  • Policy & Process Excellence
  • Contracts & Policy
  • Operations Procurement