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Associate Manager-Bid Preparation

Date:  10-Jan-2023

Delhi, IN

Company:  GMR Warora Energy Limited


To handle Power Trading Control room activities which includes IEX/PXIL bidding(DAM/TAM/G-TAM/RTM/REC), Open access applications, MIS reports, Portfolio management etc.



Accountabilities KPI
Power Exchange Bidding 
-    IEX/PXIL DAM/TAM/RTM/G-TAM/REC bidding activities 
-    Coordination with Power Exchange/Internal/External stakeholders for bidding & commercial related activities 
-    Sending Obligation/Trade reports to clients 
-    Client registration at Power Exchange 
-    Apply for NOC
-    Follow-up for Membership renewal 
Timelines and As & When
Open access applications 
-    Preparation and punching of STOA (Advance/FCFS/DA/Contingency) applications, sending approvals
-    Revision of applications 
-    Coordination with SLDCs/RLDCs/Other stakeholders for consents and approvals and other related issues 
-    Utility registration of Open access consumers and Generators on RLDC STOA portals 
Timelines and As & When
Reports & MIS management and Commercial
-    Prepare and Maintain Daily/Weekly/Monthly MIS reports
-    Coordination with F&A team for billing & reconciliation related activities
-    Handling the queries of F&A team and auditors 
-    Handling the queries of Clients. Maintaining good relationship with clients
-    Monthly verification of data for billing purpose 
-    Monthly Performance Summary of Power Sales and Commercials as required by Top Management
-    Support HOD office in all tasks for day to day requirements
-    Automation of Power Trading Control room activities 
Timelines and As & When
Market Intelligence
-    Analysis of daily power market result and its forecasting as so to optimize the power sales plan on daily basis.
-    Keeping track of various regulatory changes which directly or indirectly affect the market.
-    Study of power system dynamics, various factors affecting inter-regional power flow, congestion, availability of corridor in different time frame so as to ensure uninterrupted power flow.
-    Analysis of PSP reports, Generation outage reports in RLDC portals



Interaction with Power Exchange ,Open access consumers, Generators  
Interaction with NLDC, RLDCs, SLDCs, Power grid, Regulators
Interaction with Consultants, Other Traders, Utilities


Interact with Heads of Power trading and PPA Management &  Other team members for day to day activities
Interact with other cross-functional departments (Coal, Finance, Regulatory etc.) and Auditors 
Interaction with GMR Plant team for Information related to power availability and power sales.




    Timely reporting for activities as directed by Head-Operations 
    Data Management and availability of Information
    Follow-ups on Key activities 


    BE/B.Tech – Electrical/Power Engineering
    MBA (Optional)


    5-6 Years in the Power Sector Business


  • Capability Building
  • Business Insight: Ability to understand the implications of Business decisions and strive to enhance organizational performance. | Interview
  • Communication: Ability to listen, interpret, simplify complex concepts, thoughts & ideas in verbal / non verbal form. | Interview
  • Compliance: Adheres to policies and / or procedures, or seeks approval from concerned authorities before making changes. | Interview
  • Decision Making: Ability to systematically think through a problem and its component parts, garner relevant information and not taking things at face value. | Interview
  • Execution and Operational Excellence: Ability and desire to execute with attention to detail, speed, accuracy and consistency | Interview
  • Following Through: Ability to establish procedures and monitors the progress and results of plans and activities to ensure goal achievements. | Interview
  • Leading / Empowering People: Set and share directions with clarity of roles and goals. Inspire positive attitude towards work & motivate team. | Interview
  • Learning Abilities: Ability to assimilate and apply new, job related information in a timely manner. | Interview
  • Managing Performance: Effectively monitors and measures performance. Develops people and drive results. | Interview
  • Networking: Ability to build personal networks and establishes relationships with key stakeholders to further enhance business. | Interview
  • Oral Communication: Ability to express thoughts effectively and convincingly. | Interview
  • Problem Solving: Ability to identify solutions exploring different options in gathered information. | Interview
  • Stakeholder Focus: Ability to define needs and expectations of each stakeholder; Defines clear results for each stakeholder, with indicators and monitoring mechanisms. | Interview
  • Team Leadership, Teamwork & Interpersonal Influence: Capability to develop & converge individual potential to execute team objectives. Effectively intermingle and relate with individuals in a positive manner. | Interview
  • Time Management: Ability to plan and organize own use of time, meets deadline and avoids last minute rush. | Interview