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Head - Legal, Hydro

Date:  29-Jan-2023

Delhi, IN

Company:  GMR Bajoli Holi Hydropowe


Handles the entire litigation which includes all Civil, Criminal, labour etc pending before various courts / authorities etc., advising on various issues that arises locally and vetting of various documents / letters / replies as per the requirement of the Company.  Closely interacting with the stake holders in the day to day activities and getting involved therein to achieve the desired output.  Also, monitoring the cases regularly and briefing the Advocates timely in getting the favourable Orders in favour of the Company. 



Key Performance Indicators

Handling the entire litigation pending before various Courts / Authorities etc.,   Timely apprising the management about the cases being filed against Company and discussing the same with the concerned business unit (s) to know the relevant facts of the cases.  There are various cases pending before the Dist, Courts /High Courts /Authorities pertaining to Land acquisition matters, compensation cases, criminal cases, revenue matters, Union issues etc., 

Timely apprising the management about the cases being filed against the Company and see that no adverse order is being passed which may impact the operations of the plant. Timely advising the management and various departments on various local statues and other laws which may have an impact on the business.

  • To avoid any direct / indirect impact on the Company.
  • Vetting of various documents as per the requirement of business.
  • Ensure that all the clauses are in line with the commercial terms and conditions that have been agreed by both the Parties.
  • Briefing the external Counsels / Sr. Counsels about the facts of the case and regular follow up of all the cases with them without fail.  Providing the parawise comments and getting the Petitions, Counters, replies, rejoinders, applications prepared by the respective Counsels for filing of the same.  Getting opinions in high stake matters from Sr. Counsels wherever necessary.
  • Timely filing of any document in the Court without any unnecessary delay.


  • Supporting other business unit(s) as per the instructions of the management whenever required.

To provide on timely support

  • Extending full support to Land team in land acquisition issues and all other matters pertaining to land which has been acquired for the purpose of the GKEL Plant.
  • To ensure that everything is being legally complied therewith.
  • Also supporting the compliance team to put the things in right order and confirmation of statutory compliance to the management.


To verify whether legally complied or not?

  • Providing the entire case data including the briefs to EVP-Legal @ Delhi for his review and inputs, if any.
  • For his advise and instructions, if any in the interest of the Company.
  • Recommendation of the External counsels invoices within the budget and getting it approved from the concerned as per the process of the Company.
  • To ensure minimum budget is being spent.


External – Counsels / Advocates / Sr. Advocates

Engaging, briefing about the case(s) etc.,


Internal All Stake Holders

Discussions, as per the requirement.


  • Cost involves the Advocates fee and misc expenses, if any.  However the Advocate’s fee is always depends on the No. of cases is being filed by the third parties against the Company.


  • Now handling the entire JD with a team of two (2) only.


  • Bsc; LLB.


  • About 18 plus years of experience which includes both corporate and non-corporate.


  • Communication: Ability to listen, interpret, simplify complex concepts, thoughts & ideas in verbal / non verbal form. | Interview
  • Stakeholder Focus: Ability to define needs and expectations of each stakeholder; Defines clear results for each stakeholder, with indicators and monitoring mechanisms. | Interview
  • Personal Effectiveness: Demonstrating responsibility & reliability through actions to manage critical and challenging situations. | Interview
  • Networking: Ability to build personal networks and establishes relationships with key stakeholders to further enhance business. | Interview
  • Decision Making: Ability to systematically think through a problem and its component parts, garner relevant information and not taking things at face value. | Interview
  • Business Insight: Ability to understand the implications of Business decisions and strive to enhance organizational performance. | Interview
  • Strategic Orientation: Ability to translate vision into long term strategic objectives through a clear understanding of the external environment, industry and organizational capabilities | Interview
  • Managing Performance: Effectively monitors and measures performance. Develops people and drive results. | Interview
  • Leading / Empowering People: Set and share directions with clarity of roles and goals. Inspire positive attitude towards work & motivate team. | Interview
  • Execution and Operational Excellence: Ability and desire to execute with attention to detail, speed, accuracy and consistency | Interview
  • Strategic Orientation
  • Capability Building
  • Planning & Decision Making
  • Problem Solving & Analytical Thinking
  • Teamwork & Interpersonal influence
  • Execution & Results
  • Networking
  • Stakeholder Focus
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social Awareness
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Innovation
  • Managing Change and ambiguity by creating Win-Win
  • Determination(Contextual and Flexible)
  • Learning Ability
  • Making & Navigating proposals
  • Scanning, Networking & External orientation
  • Compliance Management
  • Legal Knowledge Application
  • Legal Risk Mitigation
  • Dispute Resolution/Litigation Management