In Charge - Operations Security

Date:  14 Jun 2024

Delhi, IN

Company:  Delhi Intl Airport Ltd


To ensure implementation of mandatory requirements of the Regulator, coordination with all stakeholders in order to ensure safe & secure functions at IGIA.



Accountabilities Key Performance Indicators
To assist VP Security in updating Policy guidelines and mandates issued by BCAS, MoCA and DGCA from time to time.

 Updating SOPs

 Preparing new SOPs

 No. of non-compliance / observations reported by regulatory bodies 

Implementation of Quality Control measures as per BCAS approved Airport Operators Quality Control Programme. Preparing annual schedule for Internal Audit / Inspection and follow up.  Ensuring Periodic Internal Audits are conducted to ensure efficacy of Inline System and ATRs are filed.  Ensuring covert test are conducted to maintain the efficacy of Screeners.  Ensuring Staff unable to detect covert tests and/or having poor TIP record shall be subject to CBT Training to enhance his image interpretation skills in the subsequent month. 
Ensure Contingency Plans in respect of unlawful interference with Civil Aviation operations are updated and shared with all stakeholders. 

Number of amendments in BTCP and Contingency Plan to Handle Hijack situation

 Reviewing and updating BTCP and Contingency Plan to Handle Hijack situation

 Timeline 

Ensure coordination for mandated meetings (prepare MOM and circulate) and mock exercises as per the mandates of the Regulatory Body

 Quarterly BTRC meetings

  Bi-yearly ACOHHS meeting

 Yearly Mock Evacuation exercise

  Yearly Mock Anti-hijack exercise

 Timeliness 

Preparing and sending Monthly reports   Monthly report regarding training and inline strength to BCAS  Monthly report of Incident/accident and other detail to BCAS  Monthly Bomb threat Call report  Monthly compliance on Legatrix and final compliance certificate  Quarterly update of MAG self-control assessment
Recommend DIAL Security staff for various Training Programmes mandated by DIAL and Regulatory Authorities  No. of staff nominated.   No. of Training programmes staff nominated for  Mandatory trainings planned v/s actual.
Maintaining Training Records.   Status of BCAS Training Record.  Status of DGR Training Record.
Coordination with outside agencies, stakeholders and concessionaires for providing guidance on mandatory requirements to be fulfilled by them. Carry out periodic checks. 

 No. of meetings

  No. of checks 

Presentation of Mandatory documents to BCAS for scrutiny during Audits 

 No. of Audits

 Preparing ATR and timely submission to BCAS 

Preparing annual AOP of AVSEC vertical   Compiling and Ensuring timely submission of planned annual AOP of all sub verticals of AVSEC 
SPOC of AVSEC vertical   Process mapping of all sub-vertical  Business Impact Analysis  Risk assessment  Business continuity Plan  Handling petty cash reimbursement   Online transition of CMS  ISO Audit



Members of ACOHHS

Members of BTAC

Concessionaires, Airlines, Cargo, Catering 




Terminal Operations 

AOCC, Airside, Landside







 The incumbent should be a graduate in any discipline. Should have successfully qualified in the Basic Avsec.

 Desirable -  instructor / Audit course

 Good knowledge of AVSEC Circular/orders/Annex-17


 Minimum 15 years’ experience in  Security with at least 5 years in Managerial position 


  • Networking
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Teamwork & Interpersonal influence
  • Stakeholder Focus
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Capability Building
  • Social Awareness
  • Planning & Decision Making
  • Execution & Results
  • Strategic Orientation
  • Problem Solving & Analytical Thinking