Shift In Charge-AEP

Date:  23 May 2024

Delhi, IN

Company:  Delhi Intl Airport Ltd


Supervise the issuance of TAEPs to Airport employees, Scrutiny of TAEP applications, Ensure timely issuance of TAEPs to individuals having operational/functional requirement at Airport, maintain day to day Coordination with different stakeholders and agencies like, Customs, Immigration, Delhi Police, Airlines, GHAs, Auxiliary Service providers etc. Maintain order and discipline at all AEP Section units.




Key Performance Indicators

Scrutiny of TAEP applications and Ensure timely issuance of TAEPs.

Number of complaints received

Coordination with different entities like Airlines, Customs, Delhi Police, Immigration, GHAs and Auxiliary Service Providers for resolution of operational issues with respect of issuance of TAEPs.

Numbers of interaction with stakeholders to resolve the issues.

Duty allocation of shift staff and supervision of shift operations at all 3 Terminals.  Carry out surprise checks of these locations.

Number of surprise checks conducted.

Coordination and Ensure timely issuance of TAEPs for high level delegations of MOCA, VIP/VVIP movements and other dignitaries. 

Number of Movements handled.

Number of feedback received.

Compiling and forwarding the daily, weekly and monthly reports of TAEPs for onward transmission to BCAS.

Timely compiling and forwarding of reports to BCAS


Responsible for keeping stock and ensure proper usage of TAEP Booklets and Holograms issued by BCAS.

Number of observation received

Responsible for maintaining mandatory records in accordance with the AEP Guidelines for Audit by the Regulatory authority

Number of Audit observations.

Ensuring reconciliation of fees received with TAEPs issued in the shift.

Number of discrepancies.

Checking the functionality of all equipment and software during the Shift  and coordination for rectification of same.

Numbers of interaction

Grievance resolution pertaining to issuance of TAEPs.

Number of grievance handled and resolved.

Responsible for availability of Printing stationery, Lamination Pouches, TAEP Booklets, Lanyards, Registers, Files etc. in the Shift.

Number of discrepancies.

Responsible for issuance of TAEPs of up to 30 days duration in accordance with AEP guidelines.

Ensuring implementation of 5s, Kaizens.

Number of TAEPs issued.

Number of 5s, Kaizens initiated 



  1. Airlines, Ground Handlers, Concessionaires, Service Providers etc.,
  2. Regulatory and Enforcement Agencies viz., BCAS, CISF, State Police, Immigrations etc



  1. All DIAL Departments viz., HR, Finance & Accounts, BD, Commercial, ARFF, TOPS, Customer Facilities, Admin, Airport Operations Control Center
  2. GADL Teams – PMT, TS and IT
  3. Raxa Security Services



  1. Graduate in any discipline
  2. BASIC AVSEC Qualified


  1. Work Experience of total 10+ years (05 years in Aviation Security) with excellent networking skills.
  2. Basic AVSEC Certified
  3. Applicants with good knowledge of AEP guidelines/policies/procedures will be preferred.


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Capability Building
  • Social Awareness
  • Planning & Decision Making
  • Execution & Results
  • Strategic Orientation
  • Problem Solving & Analytical Thinking
  • Networking
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Teamwork & Interpersonal influence
  • Stakeholder Focus