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Junior Manager - Chemistry

Date:  12-Nov-2022

Warora, IN

Company:  GMR Warora Energy Limited


To plan & deliver all transmission activities of 4x350MW TPP aligned with the targeted milestones to ensure timely completion of the transmission systems with safety & quality for evacuation of power within the cost & time line.




Key Performance Indicators

Finalization of feasible Route for the Transmission Lines & its implementation:-

Preliminary Survey, Final Survey, Detailed Survey of the most feasible  Route for 400KV Dedicated Line to PGCIL

Finding out the alternate solution to 220KV diversion Line by Heightening of line proposal.

Finding out the only feasible route for 400KV S/C line to OPTCL.


-Charging of 400KV LILO line for availing start-up power & interim power evacuation.


-  Continuing of Transmission line work on selected route for 400KV Dedicated line & 220KV line by resolving ROW issues.

Resource Management for completion of activities in time:

-Preparation of the erection and foundation completion check lists

-Carry out the Cube tests, cement, core & fine aggregate tests and maintaining the required test reports as per standard.

-Execution of each work with safety, quality & its measurement, billing in time.

-Planning & follow up of additional resources on regular basis for timely completion of work.

-Liasoning with OPTCL, PGCIL, RAILWAYS for approval of Power Line Crossing Proposals.

-Regular follow up with agency by reviewing on daily, weekly & monthly basis.

-Identifying critical areas & adopting the corrective measures to meet the schedule.

-Delay in completion schedule.


-Lead Time.

Project Cost & Budget:-

-Active involvement in the Cost optimization by changing the scheme of Power line crossings & minimizing the no. of towers by providing extension towers at  ROW prone areas near GKEL plant, resulting in reducing the total  no. of  towers/structures from 103 to 93 of 400KV Dedicated Line, thereby with a total saving of around Rs4 to Rs.5crores.


-Planned Vs. Actual.

-Within the Budget.

Execution of work as per QAP & Safety:-

-Supervising the tower foundation, erection work as per Quality Assurance plan (QAP).

-Compliance & strict adherence to QAP, maintaining Protocols for the same.

- Strictly following the safety norms during tower foundation & erection which maintained zero accident till date.

-Non-compliance report.

-No. of accidents.

-Audit report.


External - Roles  you need to interact with outside the organization to enable success in your day to day work

-Interaction with executing agency & its sub-agencies on daily basis for resource planning aligned with the target.

-Co-ordination with agency site-in-charge/engineers & external consultants for detail engineering work.


Internal - interaction with C and C, Stores regarding the bills and way bill issues.

-Interaction with project head to discuss the project priorities to work accordingly.

-Interaction with other Deptt. Heads regularly to facilitate their needs.


Identifying New Capital Expenses- 400KV S/C line from GKEL to OPTCL, Meramandali Grid Sub-Station(Rs.25crores approx.)

-Charging of Circuit-1 of 400KV Talcher-Meramandali LILO line within the budget amount of Rs  48,015,270.


-Handling of Agencies like BSTL, Empowertrans Pvt. Ltd. for  400KV LILO,Diversion & Dedicated Line.

-Influence in the locality for uninterrupted site activities of ongoing 400KV Dedicated line to PGCIL, Angul & Proposed 400KV S/C line to OPTCL, Meramandali.




Having more then 12 years, worked with HIW M/S KEC International Ltd,M/S Kalpataru Power Transmission Ltd.,M/S Sujana Tower Ltd.,M/s Deepak Cable (I) Pvt.Ltd. & presently working with GMR Energy at GKEL in Transmission Department.


  • Communication: Ability to listen, interpret, simplify complex concepts, thoughts & ideas in verbal / non verbal form. | Interview
  • Chemistry And Environment, Health & Safety
  • Decision Making: Ability to systematically think through a problem and its component parts, garner relevant information and not taking things at face value. | Interview
  • Personal Effectiveness: Demonstrating responsibility & reliability through actions to manage critical and challenging situations. | Interview
  • Business Insight: Ability to understand the implications of Business decisions and strive to enhance organizational performance. | Interview
  • Managing Performance: Effectively monitors and measures performance. Develops people and drive results. | Interview
  • Execution and Operational Excellence: Ability and desire to execute with attention to detail, speed, accuracy and consistency | Interview
  • Team Leadership, Teamwork & Interpersonal Influence: Capability to develop & converge individual potential to execute team objectives. Effectively intermingle and relate with individuals in a positive manner. | Interview
  • Problem Solving: Ability to identify solutions exploring different options in gathered information. | Interview
  • Innovation
  • Managing Change and ambiguity by creating Win-Win
  • Stakeholder Focus
  • Teamwork & Interpersonal influence
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Networking
  • Determination(Contextual and Flexible)
  • Planning & Decision Making
  • Execution & Results
  • Strategic Orientation
  • Problem Solving & Analytical Thinking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Capability Building
  • Social Awareness
  • Learning Ability
  • Making & Navigating proposals
  • Scanning, Networking & External orientation