Manager - Civil

Date:  15 May 2023

Warora, IN

Company:  GMR Warora Energy Limited
Participate in project/Civil works planning and strategic discussions on the project/Works. To discuss the overall plan with the Department Head to ensure complete understanding. To ensure that the work undertaken at Site is as per the plan. To provide inputs in reviewing plans & communicating the reviewed plans, if any to all stakeholder To adhere to the provisions of the cost estimates for the project/work.

Time line.



Customer feed back
Working with Procurement team he selects the subcontractors, vendors and workers, and provides required explanations for the architect and other professionals associated with the project, coordinating and collaborating with the Consultants, Engineers and Specialists.

Contract award.

Drawings approval.

GFC drawings.

Statutory approvals.

Takes the initiative in working with all departments including Planning, procurement, HR, O&M, Electrical CR, finance and accounting and other services required to be performed for the project/civil works to achieve an integrated project team approach to the work.

Completion of work.

Closing of SAP Notification.
Coordinates with Management and all departments and maintains working relationships at all levels throughout the period of the project/work. Monitors and controls to assure that all work is being performed in accordance with the specifications, drawings and terms of the contract.

User feedback.

Work progress.
Coordinate with the Procurement Department to validate user requirements and ensure adherence to governance and control mechanism. Drive the timely and effective processing of amendments to the existing contracts in consultation with the Top management. Ensure leverage on Information Technology for efficient processing Number of amendments.

Quantity Survey, measurement, certification of contractors / vendors bills, and approves the payment as per the contract. Team management

Adherence to HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) statutes and norms as per business excellence, IMS ISO etc. Adhering to Government and Municipal rules and norms during Project execution.

RA bills payment


Skill in leading & guiding other employees in following EHS guidelines

Timely resolution of EHS issues

Knowledge of OHSAS & EMS and QMS( Integrated Management System), Onsite emergency preparedness plan

Compliance with environmental norms, LTI FR rate